Character Pieces (2004)

These five pieces are musical portraits, each movements representing one person. Contained in them are four clarinetists and three composers. The movements capture some aspects of their personality, playing style, and compositional style. They are represtented only by their initials.

You may download the sheet music and the audio files, and use them as you like, but I retain copyright. If you cannot download them here, I will send you a copy for $10. If you decide to perform them, please contact me. I would like to get a program, and would be very interested in your interpretation.

The zip file contains bitmap (*.bmp) scans of the sheet music. It can be viewed and printed from any photo viewer file, like Windows Photo Viewer, or even Internet Explorer. Be sure to have your print settings at "use full page."


Sheet Music (zip file)

I. JMN (mp3 file)
II. EM (mp3 file)
III. ME (mp3 file)
IV. RM (mp3 file)
V. FS (mp3 file)