Educational Programs, Clinics, and Master Classes

I have partnered with Conn-Selmer USA and D'Addario to present educational programs at schools, universities, conventions, and even music stores.

Forging Your Own Career Path

This popular lecture is for music students of all kinds. I have given this lecture several times at universities and conferences. I talk about all the things I've learned in my varied career as clarinetist, educator, composer, grant writer, lecturer, concert producer and promoter, chamber musician, recording producer, video editor, etc. I talk about the importance of cultivating good relations with colleagues, audiences, boards, orchestras, and educators; where and how to apply for grants; how to produce and publicize performances; working with composers; forming chamber music groups and getting concerts; orchestral freelancing; getting and maintaining a private teaching studio; navigating the university system as a teacher; and much more.

10 Steps to Great Clarinets

Designed primarily for music teachers, but also useful to students, this course is supplemented by a 10-part video series. It offers simple and easy-to-remember solutions to common problems, talking about Reeds, Mouthpieces, Ligatures, Angle, Breathing, Embochure, Tone, Articulation, Hand Position, and getting your students to take Private Lessons.

The World of Music - Grade 6-12

Best suited for music students in a classroom setting, the World of Music is designed to excite students about music, and encourage them to pursue their interest in it for the rest of their lives. I present a wide variety of music (popular, classical, romantic, 20th century, and brand new). Students are encouraged to listen, question, comment on what they hear, and make up stories to go with the music. I also interact with the students, discussing what kinds of music they like, and why they like it. I share my experiences playing orchestral music, opera, concertos, recitals, recording sessions, film scores, chamber music, and with rock bands, as well as composing and teaching. The goal is to show the vastness of the world of music, and encourage a music career in the students, be it music teacher, player, business person, DJ, record producer, or any of dozens of other possibilities. Usually 1 hour in length, it can be presented to several classes in one day.

Meet the Clarinet - Grade K-7

An introduction to music and the clarinet, this program is ideal for classrooms or larger groups. Pieces that showcase the clarinets unique abilities, and provide interest for the younger audience are featured, such as “The Flight of the Bumblebee,” and the beginning of “Rhapsody in Blue.” The E-flat and Bass Clarinet are also featured. I will also talk about the music, and encourage the students to listen for specific parts of the music, which helps them concentrate and enjoy music more deeply. Questions are encouraged during the program, and personal interaction afterwards. This program usually runs a half hour to 45 minutes in length.

Master Classes/Clinics

Best for clarinet students, but often of interest to other musicians, especially winds, the Master Class is usually presented in conjunction with a performance. If there is no other concert, a short performance of one piece will be given at the beginning of the class. Master Class participants can be clarinet solo, with other instruments, or clarinet ensembles. Attention will be payed to the music, its history, and performance practice, as well as to good musicianship, tone, technique, intonation, and equipment.

Chamber Music Coachings

Any age, any level. Chamber music is one of the best ways to learn to play musically and with others. In public or private coachings, I will emphasize intonation, phrasing, and ensemble with specific techniques and exercises designed to improve them. I will also talk about the music, it’s historical and personal context for the composer, analysis to determine important and subordinate lines, and ways in which the ensemble can use these techniques for any piece of music.